Okay, so I think Learn and Turn is one of the greatest inventions
ever!!  I have already mentioned it on our Facebook page and will be
mentioning in the magazine as well.

Amy, publisher of :
Learn and Turn on page 4

I decided to give her some pears...and try to let her feed herself with the Learn and Turn…... she "got" it right away.
I washed it for her...gave it to her...she stuck it in the pear and then in her mouth... weird eh? I couldn't believe she totally did it! and totally shoved every last piece of pear in her mouth…..…... it has been the biggest success with self feeding that we've had so far!
I'm really impressed with this.... wow… LOL. It was awesome!

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Normally, E would use her hands to eat everything. Well it took a little encouragement, but she was soon 'stabbing' each morsel with her Learn 'n' Turn Fork (angled at about 45 degrees). She got everything off her plate! I was truly impressed!

Learn 'n' Turn has a little plastic loop at the top of it where you can insert the ribbon of the Comfy Clip. I loved that I could clip it to E's bib as she ate and know that the fork/spoon wasn't going to hit the floor with everything it was dipped in. Super thoughtful.
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PTPA Evaluation

Evaluator 9786

Was this product easy to put the attachments on and take off? Were the instructions easy to follow?

Very easy to add/remove the attachments. I only had to skim the instructions before I got the gist of the product.

Did the quality and durability of the product met your requirements. This product is dishwasher safe, did it hold up well after several washes?

Yes, the spoon is as good as new after several washes.


Evaluator 17799

Did your child enjoy using this feeding tool? Did you notice an improvement in their ability to feed themselves using this style of spoon/ fork?

Yes, I think it helped my child a lot with trying to feed himself. I love that it can be turned at an angle when children have a hard time getting utensils turned to their mouth.

Was the look of this product appealing?

The look was appealing. Neutral colors. Would like to see different colors to choose from.

As a parent you have no safety concerns with this product.

I personally have no safety concerns. I had no concerns of any pieces coming off of the fork. Holds up well.

Did you find the accompanying clip useful? Would you use this clip at home or mostly for eating out etc

I did find the clip useful and will probably use mostly when eating out. It will come in handy to keep my Childs pacifier off nasty restaurant floors.

Evaluator 2318

Is this product priced fairly?

I would say that the product is priced fairly for a feeding tool that does an amazing job in assisting spills and such. I would like to see the price a little lower by a dollar or two if possible. That way I would be more inclined to purchase 2 spoons, rather than just one.

Would you recommend this product to friends or family?

Oh yes, I would recommend this product to friends and family. I have seen a huge difference in how easy my child fed himself.

What did you like best about this product?

I loved the fact that you can position the spoon to different degrees. When he first started using this product, I had it turned all the way to the left, but then after a few days, I turned it halfway to be straight. With this feature it makes the transition from the spoon being angled at 90 degrees, to a regular straight spoon that much easier.

What did you like least about this product?

There was not anything that I did not like about this product.


It's a fork, it's a spoon - this product is great! So great, my kids fight over who gets to use it at EVERY SINGLE MEAL!


Full blog: www.londonmoms.ca/?p=1106

Comments: Hi!
I wanted to THANK YOU for making such an outstanding product!!!!.  I have been searching for years for the perfect utensil for my 7 year old who is severely handicapped.  I have now found it!  With your utensil she is now able to almost self feed!  This is my 3rd order, as 2 of our utensils were lost at school. Thank you again!


Hi! I love your product! I am an slp and bought it for a child who has difficulty feeding, mainly for angle to mouth. I will be using and recommending to parents and colleagues.


I was just showing off your product this morning to my daughter's feeding therapist. To say that I Love your product would be a gross understatement!!!


I just started my 5 and a half month old on rice cereal two days ago. He has only had two mealtimes and we used your spoon. We had to scoop, but he was in complete control of bringing the spoon to his mouth and pushing it back to us to fill it back up. It's amazing...I've never seen anything like it! Thanks :-)