My name is Mike Canapini, and I am the inventor of the “Learn and Turn Utensil”, and “Comfy Clip”. Formerly I was a director of a tooling division for a tier one automotive part supplier for over 10 years. Recently however, I became a stay at home dad and my priorities changed in an instant. I realized just how difficult it was to care for children full time. It seemed that the every day tasks of taking care of 2 preschoolers made the days long, and the years short. With little sleep, and little free time, I decided (with much help from my wife) to start a new company that provided safe and innovative designed products, that can help save time and make child raising a little easier. We have many new products in design and coming soon, but I hope you take advantage the “Comfy Clip”, and the “Learn and Turn Utensil” that we currently have on the market.

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Learn and Turn Utensil

Comfy Clip